Central Visayan Institute Foundation (CVIF)

Jagna (Bohol), Philippines

The institution

CVIF is a leader for Philippine educational development, having created a teaching system called the Dynamic Learning Program, now implemented in approximately 250 schools nationwide. The president and directress of CVIF, Dr. Christopher Bernido and Dr. Maria Victoria Carpio-Bernido, respectively, are deeply involved in educational institutions both within and outside the government.

CVIF and the Bernidos have received numerous accolades for their groundbreaking work. These include the prestigious Ramon Magsaysay Award in 2010. Similarly, their innovative methods have caught the attention of the national press, including coverage in the prestigious Manila Standard.


Jagna is a port town of approximately 34,000 people on the island of Bohol, one of over 7,000 islands that comprise the Philippines.

What we do there

Science Corps Fellows play a few roles at CVIF.  One role of the Fellow is to develop STEM teaching materials in their subject of expertise (examples so far include  biology, chemistry, computer science, and research methods). Another role of the Science Corps Fellow is teaching the high school classes corresponding to those materials, and refining the materials where necessary.  Additionally, Fellows may design workshops and hands-on activities for students, teachers, and other local scientists.

CVIF has active ongoing collaborations with other schools in the Philippines, and with the Philippine Government. This allowsfor the STEM teaching materials to be widely shared and distributed throughout the Philippines, expanding the impact on the educational system nationwide. Science Corps Fellows at CVIF have been engaged in building a website designed to help share CVIF’s successful teaching materials to other schools in the Philippines and beyond, including the materials created by the Science Corps Fellows themselves.

Science Corps Fellows in the Philippines

Below is a video of our founding fellow Ben Rubin’s experience in the Philippines.