CVIF - Jagna (Bohol), Philippines

​​The Philippines lags behind neighboring countries in education, particularly. Per one million inhabitants, Japan has 5,084 scientists, Singapore has 4,613, and Malaysia has 726. The Philippines has only 157. To address this discrepancy, the Philippines is actively pursuing new development of their secondary school STEM system. This necessitates curriculum development and teachers. To meet this need, the Central Visayan Secondary School in Jagna is eager to host Science Corps Fellows to develop and teach STEM courses

Aavishkaar - Palampur (near Dharamshala, Himalayas), India

While India is a regional leader in Science and Technology, the educational system often shows a tendency towards rote learning and memorization over critical reasoning and creative thinking. Aavishkaar's goal is "to make high-quality math and science accessible and easily understandable to all through engaging, relevant and contextual content." Their aim is "not just developing an academic understanding, but to nurture a scientific way of thinking through concept clarity".

Sites under development

We are working to add more sites where Science Corps Fellows can go to communicate their passion for science. These sites include locations near Skukuza (South Africa) and Dangriga (Belize).

Suggest a new Science Corps site

At Science Corps we are always looking for organizations that share our passion for science and education, and their power to inspire and lift communities out of poverty. We are able to work with a variety of organizations. In fact, the two currently active sites (CVIF in the Philippines and Aavishkaar in India) could not be more different from each other: one is an outstanding high-school with almost 2,000 students, while the other develops interactive materials to foster scientific thinking in rural communities. We'd be happy to hear about any sites that you think would be a good match.